Windham Graves

Windham Graves is a Maker and Educator living and working in the southeastern United States. Graves taught undergraduate and graduate students in Florida State University’s College of Visual Arts as well as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s School of Architecture. Classes ranged from digital and electronic art, to programming, to CAD/CAM, and he hosted community workshops at FSU’s Facility for Arts Research (FAR) and Tallahassee’s makerspace, Making Awesome, Inc.

Graves was one of the first researchers hired at FAR, where he has brought in $200,000 in grants and to research 3D printing with non-traditional materials such as concrete and terracotta as well as plastics. He was the head of the MMAP Project and oversaw the corresponding intern and volunteer programs. He has lead or assisted on dozens of projects, with the goal of pushing the boundaries of computer aided machining in an academic and research setting. This includes projects outside of the college, working with Engineering, Chemistry, and Computer Science.

As a founding board member of Making Awesome, Graves hosted outreach community events such as the NASA Space Challenge, RoboBoats, and weekly open houses where members can access the facility and learn about responsible making.